Women in the Workplace

For a long time, I’ve kept my head in the sand about women in the workplace. Personally, I had never really experienced sexism in the workplace and frankly, I figured most women really did get paid fairly and equally compared to their male counterparts. And since I’ve spent  most of my working life working with women, I never assumed men actually talked down to female employees.


Oh… how naive I was.


Recently, I’ve experienced the joys of womanhood. We truly do have to fight to move up in the workplace. Not only have I experienced it personally, I’ve seen other watched it happen to other women who work with me. Without going into details about the everyday banality of my life, I was truly shocked to experience such condescension toward me, while a male colleague received a vastly different reaction with the same information.


What do you do when your employer preached equality but consistently overlooks you for a promotion because “you’re doing great where you are?” It’s a tricky situation. You can stand up for yourself, call people out on their hypocrisies and lies… but then you’re the bitch. You can defend your brand and products, but then you’re the bitch.


Basically, the minute you open your mouth after someone dismisses you, you’ve sealed your fate as a bitch.


So go ahead. Call us bitches. Call us aggressive. At the end of the day, woman who are like this believe in something and are standing up for what they do and for what they’ve created. We know ourselves better than you know us and we can do the job you refuse to give us.


And call us bitches when we don’t laugh at sexism, ageism, racism, or whatever -ism just because you’re the boss.


Women, let’s wear the word “Bitch” like a badge of honor. When you’re the bitch, it simply means you get what you want and stand up for what’s right.


Just remember, us Bitches – real bitches, badass boss bitches – are kind, compassionate and loving, too.


bitches get stuff done


Let’s Talk about Katherine Heigl….

My guilty pleasure is the “Entertainment” section on Google News. Sure, I check the world & US news – I pretend to have some culture about me, but I love the celeb news. That being said, I do not enjoy gossip. I like to know about new TV shows, movies, Oscar praise, and up & coming actors, but I don’t read about the Kardashians (why are they in my news feed anyway?) and I certainly don’t partake in any celeb nudie photo shenanigans.

Katherine Heigl

But for real… Let’s talk about Katherine Heigl for just a minute. I don’t pretend to know all the details about her reputation in Hollywood or anything about what happened with Grey’s Anatomy, but lately I’ve seen stories about her being a “bitch” and a “diva” to work with. Recently, I saw an article where she apologized for people getting the wrong impression of her. Why is she apologizing for other people’s misinterpretation of her?


Here’s my issue:


In a world of female empowerment and #BanBossy campaigns, why can’t women speak their minds about what they want & need to be successful? Unfortunately, in our society, it’s all too common for a woman to be labeled these things because she knows what she wants and won’t play games to get there. When a woman speaks her mind and it’s unpleasant subject matter, (i.e. – wanting a raise at work, not getting desired results from employees, demanding to be treated with respect in a relationship), she’s instantly labeled as a “bitch.” Or you get someone like Beyonce or Ariana Grande who knows what she wants, knows what it will take to get there, and demands nothing but the best from herself and those around her… well, she gets labeled as a “diva.”


How is this fair? How are we, as women, going to get equality with men (equal pay, better maternity/paternity programs a la Sweden, etc.) when women are willing to attack and label other women for being strong an outspoken? Because Katherine Heigl demanded more of herself, her writers, and her fellow cast while on the set of Grey’s Anatomy, she got labeled as a “difficult-to-work-with-bitch.” Just because something is unpleasant to hear – and sometimes deal with – does not make the subject matter any less true or relevant.


To my ladies: don’t stop yourself from speaking your mind. Speak your mind respectfully, but truthfully. To my gents (and ladies): don’t label women as crazy, bitches, or divas, just because you don’t want to deal with the ugly truth of whatever the subject matter may be.


Gotta go through a storm to get a rainbow.


Veganly Yours,



5 Reasons All Women Should Lift Weights

By Megan Vick


So many women are afraid of weights because they don’t want to “bulk up.”  By lifting weights and incorporating strength training into your workout routine, women will get sleeker and more toned.  Keep this in mind: A pound of fat looks like 3 grapefruits while a pound of muscle looks like 3 tangerines.


1. Prevent Osteoporosis

Ultimately, all women should be weight training to maintain (or rebuild) bone density.  Lifting weights works the muscles, tendons, and ligaments and all of those pull on the bone while you are lifting.  By pulling on the bone, your body sends a signal to start producing more bone cells to prevent damage.  When you have strong bones, you’re less likely to break them.


In a study conducted by Earl Mindell and Virginia Hopkins, they found that post-menopausal women who did weight training twice per week for one year increased their bone density by one percent, while women who didn’t do anything lost about two percent of their bone density.


2. It’s Different

Lifting is a nice change of pace from the treadmill or elliptical.  When you really get into lifting, you will be able to feel all the little fibers of muscles working to complete your exercise.  Once you notice that, you’ll have the full understanding of how lifting weights helps your body in many other ways.


3. You’ll burn more calories

Yep, that’s right.  When you add strength training to your workout, your body will burn more calories.  Want a fast and powerful workout?  Try incorporating bicep curls into your lunges or military presses while you’re doing squats.  You’ll get more done in a shorter time and see faster results.


4. Your Chest Will Be Perkier

Exercises like bench presses and chest flys will get the pectoralis muscles working and when those are strong; you’ll have a perkier bust line.  Those same exercises will help you with that unwanted “armpit fat” and keep the “grandma arm” at bay by tightening your triceps muscles.


5. Everything Else Will Be Easier

Whether you’re trying to master a headstand in yoga or just playing with your kids, weight training will help you in many other activities.  Strength training will also help increase your endurance making that 5K, or doing the dishes, a little bit easier.  Enjoy a longer, happier life when you lift weights.