A Very Happy Holiday

By Megan Vick


Tis the season where we eat copious amounts of food and most people feel terrible about that third (or fourth) helping of stuffing. And then we pack on a little “winter weight” until we eat more at Christmas or whichever winter solstice holiday you celebrate. 


Regardless of what winter holidays you enjoy, how many of them you attend, and whether or not you’re vegan, the end of the year is a time to come together and cherish those we love! If you don’t eat meat and attend a meal where there are a lot of meat-eaters, put aside your desire to quote Forks Over Knives and show them images of factory farmed turkeys. If you’re a ferocious carnivore, put aside your desire to make fun of those who choose not to eat meat or request mushroom gravy instead of turkey gravy.


Hold hands, hug, laugh, and enjoy the company this holiday season. Namaste!


Orangutan & baby