4 Easy Tips to Have a Great Day

By Megan Vick


Mornings have never been my thing. Since I was a wee little one, I would stay up far past my bedtime (often reading with a flashlight under the covers) and sleep well into the late morning or early afternoon. Once I started school and then joined “the real world,” I realized I needed to make some major changes to embrace each morning.

1.) Adjust Your Diet
No, you don’t have to do something crazy, but you should pay attention to what you eat and when you eat it. I’m guilty of late-night eating which often keeps me up longer while my food digests. I’ve also noticed if I eat sweets or salty foods, I am less rested when I wake up the following morning.

Sleepy Cat


2.) Embrace the Snooze Button
In order to help me get up every day, I set my alarm for an hour (yes, a full hour), before I actually need to get up and get ready. It’s a weird thing I do to psychologically trick myself. When I sleep an hour past my alarm time, I feel like I’ve gotten an extra hour of sleep without having the crazy “I just overslept” feeling. It might seem silly, but not only has it worked for me, I am actually getting out of bed even earlier now!



Whether you stretch, do yoga, go for a run, meditate, vacuum, or drink your coffee while hiding in the closet away from the kids (you know who you are), do something to wake yourself up. I prefer to stretch with sun salutations or some light ballet barre warm-ups because it gets my blood flowing. If you have to go to work and sit for the better part of the day, I especially recommend doing light physical activity in the morning.



4.) Say Positive Affirmations
Each morning while I shower/brush my teeth/dry my hair, I say something like, “Today is going to be a WONDERFUL day” over and over again. By starting your day with a cheery, positive attitude, you’re internal energy will be happy and project happiness toward others around you. When those around you are happy, you can stay happier all the time. It’s a beautiful cycle of happiness.
Here are some other uplifting affirmations:
– Today is going to be a great day!
– I am going to be productive today!
– I will try something new/exciting/intimidating today!
– I will make myself and others smile today!

Believe me, if I can have positive, productive mornings, so can you! Try implementing these steps one at a time and you’ll notice a significant difference in your day.

Have a Great Day Puppy