Walking the Walk

By Megan Vick


Recently, I came upon a retailer who made natural cosmetics. I was merely a customer and she didn’t know I had anything to do with the same industry. As I perused her selection, I complimented her on her palm-free soap. She promptly responded with, “Yeah, that’s a big thing now. I don’t really care anything about the environment or animals, but this natural stuff is a hot seller.”


Naturally, my jaw dropped. I quickly composed myself, thanked her, and left.


The number of people creating and selling a product they don’t understand or believe in is growing every day. As “organic” and “natural” become buzzwords for the food and cosmetics industries, people are jumping on the bandwagon for their share. Just remember, if something is important to you – animal conservation, veganism, the environment, etc – make sure the person making the products understands and believes in the reasons behind the hot topic. Having someone behind a product who embodies the brand helps increase the quality of the item. Those people or brands who are just “in it to win it” won’t be able to truly connect with you and better the product over time.


Always ask questions about your products. You get to choose who is successful each time you make a purchase. Choose great companies who make great products you believe in.