Women in the Workplace

For a long time, I’ve kept my head in the sand about women in the workplace. Personally, I had never really experienced sexism in the workplace and frankly, I figured most women really did get paid fairly and equally compared to their male counterparts. And since I’ve spent  most of my working life working with women, I never assumed men actually talked down to female employees.


Oh… how naive I was.


Recently, I’ve experienced the joys of womanhood. We truly do have to fight to move up in the workplace. Not only have I experienced it personally, I’ve seen other watched it happen to other women who work with me. Without going into details about the everyday banality of my life, I was truly shocked to experience such condescension toward me, while a male colleague received a vastly different reaction with the same information.


What do you do when your employer preached equality but consistently overlooks you for a promotion because “you’re doing great where you are?” It’s a tricky situation. You can stand up for yourself, call people out on their hypocrisies and lies… but then you’re the bitch. You can defend your brand and products, but then you’re the bitch.


Basically, the minute you open your mouth after someone dismisses you, you’ve sealed your fate as a bitch.


So go ahead. Call us bitches. Call us aggressive. At the end of the day, woman who are like this believe in something and are standing up for what they do and for what they’ve created. We know ourselves better than you know us and we can do the job you refuse to give us.


And call us bitches when we don’t laugh at sexism, ageism, racism, or whatever -ism just because you’re the boss.


Women, let’s wear the word “Bitch” like a badge of honor. When you’re the bitch, it simply means you get what you want and stand up for what’s right.


Just remember, us Bitches – real bitches, badass boss bitches – are kind, compassionate and loving, too.


bitches get stuff done


Let’s Talk about Katherine Heigl….

My guilty pleasure is the “Entertainment” section on Google News. Sure, I check the world & US news – I pretend to have some culture about me, but I love the celeb news. That being said, I do not enjoy gossip. I like to know about new TV shows, movies, Oscar praise, and up & coming actors, but I don’t read about the Kardashians (why are they in my news feed anyway?) and I certainly don’t partake in any celeb nudie photo shenanigans.

Katherine Heigl

But for real… Let’s talk about Katherine Heigl for just a minute. I don’t pretend to know all the details about her reputation in Hollywood or anything about what happened with Grey’s Anatomy, but lately I’ve seen stories about her being a “bitch” and a “diva” to work with. Recently, I saw an article where she apologized for people getting the wrong impression of her. Why is she apologizing for other people’s misinterpretation of her?


Here’s my issue:


In a world of female empowerment and #BanBossy campaigns, why can’t women speak their minds about what they want & need to be successful? Unfortunately, in our society, it’s all too common for a woman to be labeled these things because she knows what she wants and won’t play games to get there. When a woman speaks her mind and it’s unpleasant subject matter, (i.e. – wanting a raise at work, not getting desired results from employees, demanding to be treated with respect in a relationship), she’s instantly labeled as a “bitch.” Or you get someone like Beyonce or Ariana Grande who knows what she wants, knows what it will take to get there, and demands nothing but the best from herself and those around her… well, she gets labeled as a “diva.”


How is this fair? How are we, as women, going to get equality with men (equal pay, better maternity/paternity programs a la Sweden, etc.) when women are willing to attack and label other women for being strong an outspoken? Because Katherine Heigl demanded more of herself, her writers, and her fellow cast while on the set of Grey’s Anatomy, she got labeled as a “difficult-to-work-with-bitch.” Just because something is unpleasant to hear – and sometimes deal with – does not make the subject matter any less true or relevant.


To my ladies: don’t stop yourself from speaking your mind. Speak your mind respectfully, but truthfully. To my gents (and ladies): don’t label women as crazy, bitches, or divas, just because you don’t want to deal with the ugly truth of whatever the subject matter may be.


Gotta go through a storm to get a rainbow.


Veganly Yours,



Treatment Tuesday: A Little Goes A Long Way

By Megan Vick



That’s right. Just stahp!


You’re using too much lotion!!! This might be a little bit of a rant, but it is something that needs to be addressed – and quickly.


We love going to sell at our local farmers market. It gives us a chance to connect with you, our customer, who we may not otherwise get to meet and talk to when we sell to stores. One thing that we’ve noticed a lot lately is the interest in our lotions and hand creams. Several people have come up to us and asked if our lotions are greasy. Let’s talk about that:

  1. Our lotions are not greasy – it’s one of our most common compliments. Not to mention: no lotion maker will ever admit to having greasy lotions. It’s best if you ask for a sample right off the bat and judge for yourself.
  2. All lotions will be greasy if you squeeze an entire ounce of lotion into your hand just to rub on your forearms.


We’ve seen not one, not two, but four (4!) different women approach our booth, squeeze a 1/2 – 1 ounce of lotion into their hand and slather themselves with it. Now, that may work in winter. In Iceland. But you will absolutely feel disgustingly greasy if you do that with any lotion – especially if you add the fact that you’re standing outside in July heat and humidity in North Carolina.


Ranting aside, the point is to conserve your lotions and creams. You can always apply more to your body if you don’t feel hydrated enough. You can’t, however, get rid of that slippery, slimy feel after you’ve applied too much. Believe me, I want you to use the hell out of our products – but don’t overuse and abuse them to the point you begin to dislike the brand.



4 Ways to De-Stress

By Megan Vick


Recently, we took a two-week vacation in the desert southwest – starting in Las Vegas and ending in Tucson, Arizona. Frantically packing just hours before our 8:30 AM departure, we made sure we each had the e-reader, cell phones, tablets, and at least one laptop. When I realized how many electronics we had, I started wondering about how people can truly enjoy a vacation and de-stress while still being “connected.”


What happened on our vacation was truly remarkable. Once we arrived in Arizona, the world melted away. We had little to no cell reception and wireless was no where to be found. The laptop and tablets were just extra weight in the travel bag and the phones were turned on airplane mode and used as cameras.


And then it happened: I realized I wasn’t stressed out. 


I had no control over the lack of connectivity, so I was able to let go and truly enjoy the last half of vacation with my family. So, for those of you looking to de-stress, here are 4 ways you can do it.


Relaxed cat


1) No Electronics

Absolutely none – not even your e-reader. Without electronics buzzing and tweedling, you can focus on whatever you want: yourself, your partner, your kids, your garden, the way your pinky toe looks – anything you want. You can institute a “No Electronics Day” at your home,  or simply take 30 minutes every day to get away from anything connected.

Try it – you’ll love it.


2) Get outside

Being outside – especially on a gorgeous day – will increase those warm and fuzzy feelings, which will help you be more productive later. Spend sometime in your garden, go for a bike ride or run, take a book (yes, a real book) to the park and read for a while, or meditate outside. Connect with nature – not the internet.


3) Indulge

Cheat on your diet. Buy the shoes. Get the luxurious skin care item you want.

Do something for yourself that you wouldn’t normally do – even if it’s just for a few minutes.


4) Be Selfish

Very similar to indulging, by being selfish, you get the chance to determine what will happen in your day. If you don’t feel like doing the laundry tonight, especially because you’ve done 1-3 above already, then don’t do the laundry. If you need a “mental health” day from work and want to play hooky – do it.


At the end of the day, it’s all about moderation. Remember, there is no “Most Stressed Out Person” award. There is only you, your health, and happiness. Without those, you can’t be the best person for your family, for your employer, or the planet.


Take care of yourself. There’s only one you – and you are special.



2013: Year of the Vegan

By Megan Vick

So, for those of you who haven’t heard, Jay-Z and Queen B are embarking on a 22 day journey into the vegan diet. Please note, I said ‘DIET,’ not ‘LIFESTYLE.’ In just the few short days following the start of the power-couple’s adventure into veganism, they’ve already received both praise and criticism from vegans and non-vegans alike. (For reference, they started on 12/4, Jay-Z’s 44th birthday.) One of the very, very, very first things I read, was, “I’m pretty sure those shorts Beyonce is wearing are leather. She clearly isn’t embracing veganism.” The second thing I read was, “Don’t they both wear fur?” Yes and yes. Bey does rock leather in her wardrobe and most rappers have a fur or two in the closet. No one is denying that.


Vegan Jay-Z and Beyonce



It’s important to remember (for all the snobby vegans who give veganism a bad name) that just to have such an high-profile couple try the vegan diet for a few days is a step in the right direction. Many celebs have gone vegan over the last few years and whether they credit ethical reasons or health reasons or Forks Over Knives, who cares! For many people, myself included, the transition to a vegan diet can be extremely challenging and difficult. It can also be expensive if you’re unsure of where to shop for fresh produce (your local farmers market!) or if you don’t have the proper tools in your home to make some standard vegan staples (rice cooker and hand blender, for starters). As always, don’t judge people, even those in the public eye. Jay and Bey should be complimented on embracing plant-based meals for 22 days. Hopefully, they will stick with it.


Let’s embrace all who want to learn more about the LIFESTYLE, even if it means starting with the diet. 2013 has been the “Year of the Vegan” and with positivity and mutual respect, more people will feel comfortable ditching  meat in favor of chickpeas, kale, and tofu. If nutrition is a concern, there are hundreds of vegan blogs with free recipes and great information on the web to help anybody who wants it. I certainly didn’t just figure out how to cook a vegan meal. It was this beautiful, welcoming vegan community that helped my transition. Encourage people to follow their desires – especially embracing a healthier lifestyle. Keep life positive and you’ll stay positive. 


Good luck to the power couple (who I happen to adore anyway). And if you haven’t read Jay-Z and Beyonce: Vegan Power or Celebrity Hype, you need to read it. It’s awesome!


Namaste y’all!

Living in a Labeled World

By Megan Vick


Today, everything has a label. Everything, people included, is becoming so specific about what something is and what it isn’t, that we are running the risk of not being able to truly enjoy anything.


Humans, by nature, seem to be contradictory creatures when it comes to labels. If you say one thing and do another, that’s okay. We’re not here to judge you. Just remember to always be yourself and do what you feel is right. Societal expectations almost demand to fit into a category, so we keep coming up with categories as if these will somehow define ourselves and our neighbors.


Quit worrying about if “fit” the category of vegan/locavore/anti-GMO/fashion-savvy/healthy/out & proud – whatever. You are who you are and there is a place for everyone in this world.



A Skin Care System for You

Clay Face Mask

Looking for an easy way to determine what your skin needs? First, have you figured out what kind of skin you have? Here is an easy breakdown for different types of skin:


  • Face Scrub: This will help with exfoliation. Depending on your preference, you can use the face scrub daily or less frequently.
  • Moisturizer: An everyday face cream will help lock in moisture all day.
  • Face Mask: Use a face mask weekly or twice per month to help draw toxins from the skin, reduce the appearance of blackheads, and give your skin a fresh, healthy glow.


  • Face Cleanser/Moisturizing Bar Soap: These will be less harsh on your skin while still cleaning it.
  • Day Cream: You’ll need a daytime moisturizer formulated for dry skin to help manage your dry areas.
  • Night Cream: A nice heavy night cream will help replenish your skin cells while you sleep. This will also make the day cream’s job easier when the two are used together.
  • Face Mask: Certain face masks formulated for dry skin will help remove toxins from the skin without leaving your skin dry and flaky.


  • Face Scrub: Oily skin needs constant exfoliation. Use a face scrub at least three times per week to remove excess oils.
  • Moisturizer: An everyday face cream for oily skin will help keep excess oil under control throughout the day.
  • Face Mask: Clay masks are great for oily skin, especially if French Green Clay is used. Clay masks will draw out oils and toxins from the skin leaving a smooth matte finish.

If your body has the same type of skin as your face, make sure you get a lotion, body scrub, and body butter (for dry skin) to thoroughly nourish your skin from head to toe!



By Megan Vick