Feature Friday: Vegan Cuts November Beauty Box

The time has come. The time to release the Kraken!!! No, not really. Krakens are scary, but I bet they make great snugglers… I digress.

Over the last 2 months, we’ve been hard at work making 3000 bars of soap for the beautiful and wonderful subscribers of the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box. Yes, you read that correctly – 3000 bars of soap

We were approached by Vegan Cuts earlier in the year and at first we were apprehensive to commit to such a large undertaking. After all, we’re just 2 people and 3000 is a big, BIG, number. But how do we say no to Vegan Cuts and deprive our fellow vegans of our awesome & ethically vegan soap? Well… clearly, we didn’t say no.

So, for the last 2 months, Matt and I have had numerous hot dates: in our kitchen or dining room making, prepping, wrapping, and packing soap. Being the superstitious Irish girl that I am, I didn’t want to share this super exciting news until it was a done deal & out the door to the Vegan Cuts subscribers. Here are a few pictures from the process:

vegan cuts soap

Freshly cut soap ready to cure

Soap Curing

Soap curing on the rack

vegan soap

Heat Shrinking is a go!

vegan soap

Ready to label!

Nestled in together ready for packing

Nestled in together ready for packing

vegan cuts

Ready to send to Vegan Cuts! We did this 15 more times!

vegan cuts

Handcrafted vegan soap made by just 2 people for all the Vegan Cuts subscribers!

After all that, we’re going to take a nap. Much love & peace to Vegan Cuts – some of the most awesome folks we’ve worked with.



Veganly Yours,



Product Feature Friday: Moisturizing Joint Cream

By Megan Vick


As the weather continues to get cold for most of us, your joints will be worse for the weather. It doesn’t matter if you spend a lot of time inside or outside in the winter, the constant dry air, whether from heat or from a cold wind, will suck the moisture right out of your skin. Most people notice this happening on the hands and wrists first. Our hands are most often exposed to the elements first and our knuckles and wrists will suffer the most. After that, your joints, since they bend and move so frequently (typing, writing, sitting, standing, walking) will take the brunt of the dry air and they can become painful and sometimes the skin can crack!


Organic Vegan Moisturizing Cream

Our Moisturizing Joint Cream solves those problems. It’s specifically formulated with heavier oils to moisturize even the driest skin. With Tamanu and Borage oils, your skin will soak up this cream and thank you. Farmers, potters, swimmers, nurses, and teachers all love our Moisturizing Joint Cream, especially in the winter months. The Hemp oil and Tamanu give the cream a beautiful light green color, making it a little extra fun to use. If you like that sort of thing, that is…


Try our Moisturizing Joint Cream today and you’ll see what you’ve been missing! As always, it’s made with organic ingredients and Verified Vegan by Vegan Action!





Product Feature: Eucalyptus Tea Tree Soap

By Megan Vick


Eucalyptus Tea Tree is probably our favorite soap at Shorganics. It’s hard to pick just one favorite, but if I had to, it would be Eucalyptus Tea Tree. There is something undeniably fresh and tingly about this combination of essential oils that leaves your body and your mind refreshed and feeling clean. Both eucalyptus and tea tree oils were used by Australian military troops in World War II for treatment of minor wounds on the battlefield. Tea tree oil was so highly desired during this time, tea tree farmers and distillers were exempt from the draft!


Organic Vegan Soap Eucalyptus Tea Tree


The best part about this tingly soap, besides all the organic butters and plant oils, is how the oils don’t overpower you. Both eucalyptus and tea tree can be overpowering individually, but together, in this soap, the scent is pleasant, fresh, and invigorating. Try some today, or check out our 3 pack of soap or 5 pack of soap for an even better value!!


Namaste, y’all!

Product Feature: Cuticle Salve

By Megan Vick


Our cuticle salve started off as a personal mission for us because our cuticles were constantly cracked, dry, and causing painful hangnails. We wanted to make something small enough to fit in a pocket, but packed a big punch when applied. After many, many, many tweaks, our cuticle salve was born. It’s perfect for anyone who works a lot with their hands: artists, jewelry designers, wood crafters, sculptors, gardeners, farmers… you get the idea.


It’s creamier than other cuticle salves so you don’t have to work hard to apply it and it doesn’t leave your fingers feeling greasy. It also has Moroccan Argan oil which provides fantastic nourishment to your nails and cuticles. You’ll love how long a small jar lasts and at only $5.00, they’re perfect to give as gifts!

Organic Vegan Cuticle Salve

Product Feature Friday: Lavender Lemon Body Butter

By Megan Vick

As we head into the dry months of the year, you’ll certainly want to stock up on Lavender Lemon body butter. It’s super rich and made from pure, organic plant butters and oils. Even though it’s solid, it will melt on contact with your skin – just like real (or vegan) butter!


Our beautiful body butter contains no water, giving it a creamier and richer feel than traditional body lotions. It’s great for people who spend a lot of time in the sun and for those with ultra-dry skin. Many of our beach customers swear by our body butter because it helps keep those summer tans from looking too matte. And yes, gentlemen, if you are spending a lot of time outside, you can benefit from this body butter too. And I promise this: you won’t end up smelling like a girl (unless you really want to). It’s time for men, both indoorsy and outdoorsy, to keep their skin moisturized and hydrated.


Just remember, a little body butter goes a long way! Enjoy!


Vegan Organic Body Butter

Product Feature: Soy Candles

By Megan Vick


Another week has passed by again and as we approach the holiday season, it’s time to start thinking about scenting your home for any guests you might have! Soy candles have grown in popularity over the last few years because soy wax burns cleaner than traditional candles. We’ve taken the clean-burning candle a step further and added cotton wicks to our candles. Since traditional candles are made from paraffin wax – a petroleum byproduct – it’s not difficult to see that these candles would cause a host of problems. On top of that, many fragrances for candles are synthetic and can cause headaches and other issues for those with sensitivities.


When we set out to “build a better mouse trap,” we knew we had to offer the cleanest burning, best smelling candles on the block. With cotton wicks and GMO-free soy wax, we’ve done just that. You can choose from 16 different scents for every season and every holiday throughout the year. Our fragrances are botanically derived to diffuse into the air, but still remain true to the natural material from which they came.


Our soy candles also come packaged in durable travel tins with lids. They are simple, unobtrusive, and easily gift-able for birthdays and the winter holidays!





Product Feature: Rosemary Mint Soap

By Megan Vick


That’s right! It’s time again for Product Feature Friday! Today, we’re featuring our well-loved Rosemary Mint soap. We love this soap because both rosemary and mint are ridiculously good for the hair and skin. Many of our male customers love this soap because they wash their hair, faces, and bodies with it. Several other customers adore it for hand soap at the kitchen sink because of its fresh and herbal smell.  Wherever and however you use it, we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do!


Vegan Organic Soap - Rosemary Mint


Widely produced in Spain, France, and Tunisia, rosemary is an ages-old plant and a symbol of love. It was often used in wedding ceremonies and now sometimes finds its way into the bride’s bouquet. It’s most well known for it’s delicious flavor in cooking (rosemary roasted potatoes, anyone?) Rosemary and mint blend extremely well to give you an uplifting and invigorating experience. As always, our Rosemary Mint soap is Verified Vegan by Vegan Action, free of all the icky stuff like parabens, phthalates, and petrochemicals, and made without using Palm Oil. All of our ingredients are deliciously natural and organic, so you can use it with confidence.


Now, go buy some!