Outer Banks Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants

By Megan Vick


It’s come to our attention that the restaurants we found up and down the Outer Banks not too long ago are not as vegetarian and vegan friendly today. We’ve taken down the original post until we can interview and fully vet another group of establishments.


It’s a shame such a popular tourist destination has a decreasing number of places for the increasing number of vegetarians and vegans in America. But make your voice known in a positive manner! Let your servers and management know when you visit a restaurant so they can work with you. In the meantime, stay strong – the OBX is a wonderful place to visit and you should not miss the opportunity should you have it.




Family Vacation – Desert Southwest

By Megan Vick


I must warn you – this is just Part 1… Part 1 of many.


Not too long ago, we came back from a whirlwind trip in the Southwest. Our original plan was to spend a week in Tucson, Arizona for the annual Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild conference. Knowing my parents love for travel and adventure, we invited them. Shortly after inviting my parents, we realized that Matt’s mom would be officially retired, so we invited Matt’s parents, Ron & Robin, along. They decided they didn’t want to go to Tucson and hang out while we were at a conference, but suggested hanging out in Las Vegas the week before the conference!


And oh, while we’re at it… we might as well go to the Grand Canyon… it’s, like, right there!


What was supposed to be a quick conference trip for Matt and me ended up being a 2 week family vacation in the desert southwest. It was AWESOME. We’re very lucky we like our respective in-laws so much and even luckier they like each other! The four “grown-ups” (and I use that term very loosely) even went to see Jersey Boys together while in Las Vegas!


We’ll be sharing a post about each destination with recommendations/reviews – just in case you decide to head that way. Put us on your reader app, because we’ve got nothing but goodness for you here!


A Vegan in Vegas!

Friday Feature: South Durham Farmers Market

By Megan Vick


For today’s Feature, I want to shine a spotlight on the South Durham Farmers Market. The SDFM, as it’s affectionately known, is going into its third year. Shorganics joined the SDFM for the 2013 season and we’ve found a wonderful home with them. All the vendors at the market go through a rigid inspection and evaluation period before they are allowed to sell. The Board of Directors for the market, many of whom are farmers and vendors themselves, inspect farms, assess products, and sample food to ensure you are getting the highest quality locally grown food and crafted items.


Whether you’re buying a scone at Ninth Street bakery, naturally-raised meat and eggs from Bull City Farm or Green Button Farm, or some awesome vegan soap from us, you can shop comfortably knowing each vendor is the best of the best. In just 2013, the market grew and changed so much. We are looking forward to more wonderfulness in 2014! I hope to see you soon!



South Durham Farmers Market

Product Feature: Cuticle Salve

By Megan Vick


Our cuticle salve started off as a personal mission for us because our cuticles were constantly cracked, dry, and causing painful hangnails. We wanted to make something small enough to fit in a pocket, but packed a big punch when applied. After many, many, many tweaks, our cuticle salve was born. It’s perfect for anyone who works a lot with their hands: artists, jewelry designers, wood crafters, sculptors, gardeners, farmers… you get the idea.


It’s creamier than other cuticle salves so you don’t have to work hard to apply it and it doesn’t leave your fingers feeling greasy. It also has Moroccan Argan oil which provides fantastic nourishment to your nails and cuticles. You’ll love how long a small jar lasts and at only $5.00, they’re perfect to give as gifts!

Organic Vegan Cuticle Salve

Holiday Gift Giving

By Megan Vick


Another Thanksgiving has passed and now it seems we are all thrust into the throws of consumerism. With tons of marketing aimed at us for various toys, clothing, home improvement tools, and other gift items, it can be hard to stay calm in the madness. Regardless of which holiday you celebrate, it’s important to remember this time of year is special for people all over the world.


At Shorganics, we believe the holidays is a great time of year to reflect, volunteer, donate, give back, and make sure we are better this year than last year.  If you choose to exchange gifts, good for you! Check out the Holiday Gift Giving Guide full of fun, eco-friendly gifts for you and yours.  And if you want to pop over to the Shorganics Store, be sure to use coupon code HOLIDAY10 at checkout to get 10% off PLUS free shipping.


May December bring you happiness and minimal stress! Namaste!


A Very Happy Holiday

By Megan Vick


Tis the season where we eat copious amounts of food and most people feel terrible about that third (or fourth) helping of stuffing. And then we pack on a little “winter weight” until we eat more at Christmas or whichever winter solstice holiday you celebrate. 


Regardless of what winter holidays you enjoy, how many of them you attend, and whether or not you’re vegan, the end of the year is a time to come together and cherish those we love! If you don’t eat meat and attend a meal where there are a lot of meat-eaters, put aside your desire to quote Forks Over Knives and show them images of factory farmed turkeys. If you’re a ferocious carnivore, put aside your desire to make fun of those who choose not to eat meat or request mushroom gravy instead of turkey gravy.


Hold hands, hug, laugh, and enjoy the company this holiday season. Namaste!


Orangutan & baby

Product Feature: Soy Candles

By Megan Vick


Another week has passed by again and as we approach the holiday season, it’s time to start thinking about scenting your home for any guests you might have! Soy candles have grown in popularity over the last few years because soy wax burns cleaner than traditional candles. We’ve taken the clean-burning candle a step further and added cotton wicks to our candles. Since traditional candles are made from paraffin wax – a petroleum byproduct – it’s not difficult to see that these candles would cause a host of problems. On top of that, many fragrances for candles are synthetic and can cause headaches and other issues for those with sensitivities.


When we set out to “build a better mouse trap,” we knew we had to offer the cleanest burning, best smelling candles on the block. With cotton wicks and GMO-free soy wax, we’ve done just that. You can choose from 16 different scents for every season and every holiday throughout the year. Our fragrances are botanically derived to diffuse into the air, but still remain true to the natural material from which they came.


Our soy candles also come packaged in durable travel tins with lids. They are simple, unobtrusive, and easily gift-able for birthdays and the winter holidays!