The Truth About Anti-Aging

By Megan Vick


Owning a business in the cosmetics industry has been an eye-opening experience. One thing that is so prevalent in the industry is the phrase “anti-aging.”  It’s almost a guarantee that you’ve heard it, seen it, or read it on packaging, but that phrase is a misnomer.  You might even use these products, but they are not anti-aging products. This is because anti-aging products don’t exist!


No one is immune to aging. No one can reverse the signs or effects – no matter what those commercials say. Here’s the truth: The only thing you should look for in a cosmetic product as you get older is the phrase, “reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.” That’s the truth about anti-aging.


We are all getting older everyday and the best thing you can is take care of yourself by eating well, exercising, and protecting your skin from the sun’s damaging rays.


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A Skin Care System for You

Clay Face Mask

Looking for an easy way to determine what your skin needs? First, have you figured out what kind of skin you have? Here is an easy breakdown for different types of skin:


  • Face Scrub: This will help with exfoliation. Depending on your preference, you can use the face scrub daily or less frequently.
  • Moisturizer: An everyday face cream will help lock in moisture all day.
  • Face Mask: Use a face mask weekly or twice per month to help draw toxins from the skin, reduce the appearance of blackheads, and give your skin a fresh, healthy glow.


  • Face Cleanser/Moisturizing Bar Soap: These will be less harsh on your skin while still cleaning it.
  • Day Cream: You’ll need a daytime moisturizer formulated for dry skin to help manage your dry areas.
  • Night Cream: A nice heavy night cream will help replenish your skin cells while you sleep. This will also make the day cream’s job easier when the two are used together.
  • Face Mask: Certain face masks formulated for dry skin will help remove toxins from the skin without leaving your skin dry and flaky.


  • Face Scrub: Oily skin needs constant exfoliation. Use a face scrub at least three times per week to remove excess oils.
  • Moisturizer: An everyday face cream for oily skin will help keep excess oil under control throughout the day.
  • Face Mask: Clay masks are great for oily skin, especially if French Green Clay is used. Clay masks will draw out oils and toxins from the skin leaving a smooth matte finish.

If your body has the same type of skin as your face, make sure you get a lotion, body scrub, and body butter (for dry skin) to thoroughly nourish your skin from head to toe!



By Megan Vick

How to Find the Right Skin Care Products

By Megan Vick


Finding the right skin care products can be overwhelming and exhausting. There are gazillions of products out there all claiming to do “this” or “that.” Most of these products, even ones touting how “natural” they are, are full of chemicals, alcohols, and creepy hidden chemicals used to de-ice planes (propylene glycol, anyone?).

So, what do you do to find out which product you need?


1) Don’t wear make up for 1 week

For some women, this is a sacrifice they cannot make. That’s okay. You should go a week without makeup because you will be able to see how your skin reacts to your surrounding environment throughout your normal routine. No, don’t even put on powder or bronzer or whatever you kids are calling it these days.


2) Eat Normally

Vegan Chocolate Chip cookiesDuring your week of not wearing make-up, eat like you usually do. If that means Starbucks for breakfast, McDonald’s for lunch, and cocktails and chicken wings for dinner, then so be it. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend that way of living, but hey, I don’t judge. By not wearing makeup, you can see how your body reacts to your diet. Whether your skin becomes oily, dry, or your break out in pimples, you’ll begin to learn about your skin.





3) Wash Your Face

But there is a catch! Spend at least one day (it’s best to do 2 days, like a weekend) and just wash your face with water. No soap, no detergents, no washes, no scrubs, no cleansers- NOTHING! When you hop out of the shower, you’ll be able to feel how your skin is naturally. Don’t put anything on your face or body after your shower. Don’t use moisturizer, or lotion, or serum, or toner, or cream. Just relax. Grab a book or put on your favorite movie and enjoy the day.


4) Take notes

This might seem weird and kind of corny, but if you’re way out of your comfort zone by not wearing make-up and not using products to wash your face, you may experience a whole new side of you. If you notice your skin drying out immediately after your shower, write it down. If you start to break out, or feel oily during your week, make a note of it. It’s important to do this so you can remember exactly how your face reacts throughout the week.


You might be asking, “Great, how will this help me?”


You will get to know your skin without anything on it and going about your daily life. You’ll need a moisturizer (at minimum) for your face, and a lotion for your body. Depending on the different reactions your skin shows, you may want to opt for a skin care system. A system can be as complex or as simple as you desire. Check out our post on which skin care system we recommend for the 3 main types of skin.