That’s Not Vegan….

By Megan Vick


At Shorganics, and at home, one of the favorite sayings is “That’s not vegan…” Whether we’re watching a pride of lionesses hunt, or watching what’s-his-face devour some unseemly burger on The Travel Channel, it’s always said as a statement of the obvious and all in good fun.


But what happens you have a dish labeled vegan, but there is honey it (baklava, anyone)? What happens when you find a fashion brand who claims all items are vegan, but uses wool? These are some of the ambiguous situations people find themselves in everyday. I was once told by a “staunch” vegan, “of course I eat honey! Bees aren’t animals.”




While bees most certainly and irrefutably are animals, the argument remains, if the bees don’t get hurt in the harvesting of honey, what’s so bad? The same can be said for many other things. Have you seen an unshorn (unsheared?) sheep in the summer? They are not happy critters. Sheep need to have that excess winter wool removed to be happy and comfortable in the warmer months. The question is? What to do with all that wool? If the farmer shears the sheep in a non-threatening and harmless way and the sheep is not raised for wool, would you wear something made from that particular farm?


Don’t take “That’s not vegan” too seriously. The attempt to reduce and remove animal products from your life is wonderful and every little bit helps the planet. No matter what vegan conundrum plays out in your life, it’s important not to judge others who might incorporate wool or honey into their lives.


I do give you full permission to point out to anyone that bees are, and always will be, animals.




Treatment Tuesday!

By Megan Vick


Welcome to our new series of posts! Treatment Tuesday is designed to help you coordinate Shorganics products into your very own at-home spa treatment. With the cold winter weather getting worse, it’s important to take care of your skin and ensure it’s properly hydrated.  Using products made with organic ingredients help keep your skin pure and free of pesticide residue and other weird synthetic chemicals.


For your body care treatment, you’ll need the oh-so-gentle Lemon Salt Scrub and your choice of either vegan Body Lotion or organic, vegan Body Butter – for the winter, we recommend the Lavender Lemon Body Butter.


Glowing Body Treatment

  1. Hop into the shower (actually, step gingerly – no need to get hurt)
  2. Take a 2 fingers and scoop a bit of salt scrub onto your hand.
  3. Massage scrub all over your body – you’ll notice the salt begin to melt
  4. Repeat step 2 and 3 if you need more for your body 🙂
  5. Rinse scrub from your skin (feel free to sing a song while you do this – what’s life without whimsy)
  6. Turn off water (duh) and step out of the shower and pat dry your skin


It’s important you pat down your skin with a towel to dry it instead of rubbing it. By rubbing a towel over your skin, you can actually exacerbate dry and flaky skin. Patting allows your skin to absorb the moisture from the water and removing the excess.


Follow up your drying immediately with a vegan body lotion or vegan body butter of your choice. If you’re using the Lavender Lemon Body Butter, remember a little goes a long, long way.


Enjoy your glowing, rejuvenated skin! Namaste

Friday Feature: South Durham Farmers Market

By Megan Vick


For today’s Feature, I want to shine a spotlight on the South Durham Farmers Market. The SDFM, as it’s affectionately known, is going into its third year. Shorganics joined the SDFM for the 2013 season and we’ve found a wonderful home with them. All the vendors at the market go through a rigid inspection and evaluation period before they are allowed to sell. The Board of Directors for the market, many of whom are farmers and vendors themselves, inspect farms, assess products, and sample food to ensure you are getting the highest quality locally grown food and crafted items.


Whether you’re buying a scone at Ninth Street bakery, naturally-raised meat and eggs from Bull City Farm or Green Button Farm, or some awesome vegan soap from us, you can shop comfortably knowing each vendor is the best of the best. In just 2013, the market grew and changed so much. We are looking forward to more wonderfulness in 2014! I hope to see you soon!



South Durham Farmers Market

GMO’s Superweeds

By Megan Vick


For some time now, agricultural researchers have warned farmers about superweeds – weeds resistant to traditional herbicides, including glyphosphate. A researcher from Washington State University found a higher instance of superweeds in cotton, soy, and corn crops. Farmers today are using significantly more herbicides than they were in 1999, shortly after the introduction of the Round-Up Ready seed.


This update on an ever-present danger becomes even more interesting when a Monsanto spokesperson says, “Herbicide-resistant weeds began well before GM crops.”  While this may be true, the problem has only been exacerbated by herbicide resistant crops and more powerful herbicides. The viscous cycle of  Monsanto consists of farmers buying Round-Up Ready seeds, followed by copious quantities of herbicide (most commonly glyphosphate). When the superweeds pop up, the farmers have to purchase more herbicide to continue spraying the crops. Monsanto also will make an improvement on a GMO seed and the farmers will then have to buy new seed, often at a higher price tag. On top of all this, many crops have a “kill-switch” inside them which won’t allow pollination, so farmers cannot save and collect seeds season after season.


As research continues to point out, there is no reason for GMO seeds and crops. They have done nothing to end the hunger crisis in many countries and they have not reduced the price of food for Americans. Everyone has a choice and the ability to vote with your dollars. When you buy organic cotton clothing, organic soy products (or at least non-GMO soy), and organic corn and cornstarch, you’re telling your grocer, the manufacturer, and the agricultural industry that you do not support GMOs.



Product Feature Friday: Moisturizing Joint Cream

By Megan Vick


As the weather continues to get cold for most of us, your joints will be worse for the weather. It doesn’t matter if you spend a lot of time inside or outside in the winter, the constant dry air, whether from heat or from a cold wind, will suck the moisture right out of your skin. Most people notice this happening on the hands and wrists first. Our hands are most often exposed to the elements first and our knuckles and wrists will suffer the most. After that, your joints, since they bend and move so frequently (typing, writing, sitting, standing, walking) will take the brunt of the dry air and they can become painful and sometimes the skin can crack!


Organic Vegan Moisturizing Cream

Our Moisturizing Joint Cream solves those problems. It’s specifically formulated with heavier oils to moisturize even the driest skin. With Tamanu and Borage oils, your skin will soak up this cream and thank you. Farmers, potters, swimmers, nurses, and teachers all love our Moisturizing Joint Cream, especially in the winter months. The Hemp oil and Tamanu give the cream a beautiful light green color, making it a little extra fun to use. If you like that sort of thing, that is…


Try our Moisturizing Joint Cream today and you’ll see what you’ve been missing! As always, it’s made with organic ingredients and Verified Vegan by Vegan Action!





The Value of a Team

By Megan Vick


Teams are and always have been popular. Whether you’re rooting for your favorite sports team or you lead one at your job, teams are a necessity and they make us (or should make us) better employees, fans, and people. But what happens when the team you’re on, the team to which you’ve committed your future is no more?


That’s exactly what is happening at Boston University this year with the wrestling program. Wrestling may not mean much to you, but it means a lot to me, my family, and many outstanding young men and women (yes, women) I grew up with and mentored. Growing up, my wonderful father coached wrestling at several Outer Banks area high schools over the years. I spent many an afternoon with the team doing my homework while they worked out.


Wrestling, like many other sports and activities, teaches people to work together and make good decisions which benefit both the team and the individual. It’s a travesty that a major university, the most expensive school in the USA no less, is ending such a fantastic program. Many major companies recruit college-level wrestlers for their leadership skills, ability to make objective, fast decisions, and for their ability to work well with others.


Want to help? Check out Save BU Wrestling on Facebook and sign the Save BU Wrestling petition.


We’ll get back to beauty with the next post!



2014: What’s in Store

By Megan Vick


My, how time flies. Watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve this year signified the start of something wonderful. 2013 was a great year for us at Shorganics and we hope 2014 will be even more amazing! For those of you who don’t know, we are a home based business, and we hold down “day jobs” to help us grow. We’re looking to do a lot more growing this year so you can see Shorganics in your town!


In 2014, we’ll be able to produce more and more quickly thanks to some new fancy equipment we’re getting. We’ve got so many new items in development you won’t know what to do with yourself! We hope your 2014 will be full of productivity and fun-filled shenanigans, just like ours will be!


Organic Vegan