2013: Year in Review

By Megan Vick


2013 was a wonderfully good year for Shorganics. We spent many a Saturday at The South Durham Farmers Market and met great people. Matt and I spent many nights developing our plan to take over the world new formulas and testing new products for your enjoyment.


New Products this year:

  • Lavender Lemon Body Butter
  • Soap (10 types)
  • Berries & Citrus soy candle/wax melt
  • Lavender Lemon soy candle/wax melt
  • Oakmoss soy candle/wax melt
  • Tulip soy candle/wax melt


We also changed some of our packaging to make it prettier, safer, and easier to work with. Even with all that, we are still ready and raring to go in 2014. You’ll see us in more stores in more cities across the United States throughout the year. Want to see Shorganics in your town? Email us (support at shorganics dot com) the name of the store where you’d like us to be and we’ll reach out!


We’ve got more big and exciting news coming soon, so stay tuned! Namaste.


Feature Friday: Exciting Update!

By Megan Vick


We hope you had a marvelous holiday and we hope 2014 is even better for you than 2013! Here at Shorganics, we’ve had some great changes including moving into a new space and debuting lots of new products. We’ll post a Year in Review soon and another post will have our 2014 plans.


Enjoy the last weekend of 2013 and have a safe and fun New Years holiday! Namaste.


Have a Great Day Puppy

A Vegan in Icleand

By Megan Vick

Shorganics Family



Just last week (December 8-12), I visited Iceland with my husband and parents. We had a phenomenal time! Iceland is a beautiful, desolate, and magical country full of shy, but wonderfully friendly people. We booked a package deal through IcelandAir (a few hidden fees – buyer beware!) and I started doing my research on where to find some vegan/vegetarian food.




Map of Iceland


We stayed in Reykjavik, the country’s capital. It was one of the most picturesque cities I’ve ever visited. I was nervous to visit Iceland because they still practice whaling (which as a vegan – and a HUMAN – I am thoroughly against), but when I dug deeper, I learned many Icelanders are also against whaling. Supposedly, whaling still provides enough money and jobs to make it lucrative in this tiny arctic nation. And yes, there are many restaurants that serve whale (and puffin, and shark, and sheep testicles, and horse – ew).




However, there are infinitely more restaurants – including many right in the harbor, which refuse to serve any “traditional Icelandic food.” I was pleased to see this; and so were my meat-eating companions who still wouldn’t touch puffin, whale, or horse. A quick Google search of “vegetarian restaurants in Iceland” yielded many blog posts by travelers and several vegans too. You will not be disappointed with the results.


Icelandic horses

Who could eat that??



Even if you want to wing it once you get over there, a quick walk down Reykjavik’s main downtown street offers a restaurant every few feet and every single one offers at least one vegan/vegetarian option. One of my favorite things about Reykjavik is that every eatery displays their menu outside so you can decided if it’s the right place to eat before even setting foot inside. No more awkward exits after realizing the veggie burger contains eggs…





A word of caution to the hard-core vegans out there: Icelanders LOVE their dairy. Granted, it’s hormone free, pasture raised dairy (I saw the pastures – no factory farm milking machines in this country!), but dairy is nearly everywhere. Whether is cheese on a sandwich, milk/cream in sauces, or a hot chocolate made with cream (topped with whipped cream): dairy is everywhere. Because Iceland must import nearly everything, it can be an expensive visit. Fresh fruits and veggies are not as common as they are in the states because very few things can grow successfully in the Icelandic climate. They do have several greenhouses throughout the small villages to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and other staple veggies.




Whether you’re veg or not, Iceland is one of the most amazing countries I’ve ever visited. When you’re there choose to spend your money on vegetarian food and whale watching. Iceland’s main industry is tourism, so how you spend your money will influence the paths taken by the business owners and government.



Stay tuned for my next post about the unique experience at Iceland’s Blue Lagoon. Namaste

Black lava rock beach

Product Feature: Eucalyptus Tea Tree Soap

By Megan Vick


Eucalyptus Tea Tree is probably our favorite soap at Shorganics. It’s hard to pick just one favorite, but if I had to, it would be Eucalyptus Tea Tree. There is something undeniably fresh and tingly about this combination of essential oils that leaves your body and your mind refreshed and feeling clean. Both eucalyptus and tea tree oils were used by Australian military troops in World War II for treatment of minor wounds on the battlefield. Tea tree oil was so highly desired during this time, tea tree farmers and distillers were exempt from the draft!


Organic Vegan Soap Eucalyptus Tea Tree


The best part about this tingly soap, besides all the organic butters and plant oils, is how the oils don’t overpower you. Both eucalyptus and tea tree can be overpowering individually, but together, in this soap, the scent is pleasant, fresh, and invigorating. Try some today, or check out our 3 pack of soap or 5 pack of soap for an even better value!!


Namaste, y’all!

2013: Year of the Vegan

By Megan Vick

So, for those of you who haven’t heard, Jay-Z and Queen B are embarking on a 22 day journey into the vegan diet. Please note, I said ‘DIET,’ not ‘LIFESTYLE.’ In just the few short days following the start of the power-couple’s adventure into veganism, they’ve already received both praise and criticism from vegans and non-vegans alike. (For reference, they started on 12/4, Jay-Z’s 44th birthday.) One of the very, very, very first things I read, was, “I’m pretty sure those shorts Beyonce is wearing are leather. She clearly isn’t embracing veganism.” The second thing I read was, “Don’t they both wear fur?” Yes and yes. Bey does rock leather in her wardrobe and most rappers have a fur or two in the closet. No one is denying that.


Vegan Jay-Z and Beyonce



It’s important to remember (for all the snobby vegans who give veganism a bad name) that just to have such an high-profile couple try the vegan diet for a few days is a step in the right direction. Many celebs have gone vegan over the last few years and whether they credit ethical reasons or health reasons or Forks Over Knives, who cares! For many people, myself included, the transition to a vegan diet can be extremely challenging and difficult. It can also be expensive if you’re unsure of where to shop for fresh produce (your local farmers market!) or if you don’t have the proper tools in your home to make some standard vegan staples (rice cooker and hand blender, for starters). As always, don’t judge people, even those in the public eye. Jay and Bey should be complimented on embracing plant-based meals for 22 days. Hopefully, they will stick with it.


Let’s embrace all who want to learn more about the LIFESTYLE, even if it means starting with the diet. 2013 has been the “Year of the Vegan” and with positivity and mutual respect, more people will feel comfortable ditching  meat in favor of chickpeas, kale, and tofu. If nutrition is a concern, there are hundreds of vegan blogs with free recipes and great information on the web to help anybody who wants it. I certainly didn’t just figure out how to cook a vegan meal. It was this beautiful, welcoming vegan community that helped my transition. Encourage people to follow their desires – especially embracing a healthier lifestyle. Keep life positive and you’ll stay positive. 


Good luck to the power couple (who I happen to adore anyway). And if you haven’t read Jay-Z and Beyonce: Vegan Power or Celebrity Hype, you need to read it. It’s awesome!


Namaste y’all!

Product Feature: Cuticle Salve

By Megan Vick


Our cuticle salve started off as a personal mission for us because our cuticles were constantly cracked, dry, and causing painful hangnails. We wanted to make something small enough to fit in a pocket, but packed a big punch when applied. After many, many, many tweaks, our cuticle salve was born. It’s perfect for anyone who works a lot with their hands: artists, jewelry designers, wood crafters, sculptors, gardeners, farmers… you get the idea.


It’s creamier than other cuticle salves so you don’t have to work hard to apply it and it doesn’t leave your fingers feeling greasy. It also has Moroccan Argan oil which provides fantastic nourishment to your nails and cuticles. You’ll love how long a small jar lasts and at only $5.00, they’re perfect to give as gifts!

Organic Vegan Cuticle Salve

Holiday Gift Giving

By Megan Vick


Another Thanksgiving has passed and now it seems we are all thrust into the throws of consumerism. With tons of marketing aimed at us for various toys, clothing, home improvement tools, and other gift items, it can be hard to stay calm in the madness. Regardless of which holiday you celebrate, it’s important to remember this time of year is special for people all over the world.


At Shorganics, we believe the holidays is a great time of year to reflect, volunteer, donate, give back, and make sure we are better this year than last year.  If you choose to exchange gifts, good for you! Check out the Holiday Gift Giving Guide full of fun, eco-friendly gifts for you and yours.  And if you want to pop over to the Shorganics Store, be sure to use coupon code HOLIDAY10 at checkout to get 10% off PLUS free shipping.


May December bring you happiness and minimal stress! Namaste!