Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry… Oh My!

By Megan Vick


A couple of weeks ago, at the Outer Banks Seafood Festival, our good friend, Sara, dropped by and gave us one of the best gifts imaginable. You see, Sara is the one and only Sara of Kind Confections Vegan Bakery and special delivery was dozens of DELICIOUS vegan goodies. You need to try all of these – NOW!





Vegan Pumpkin PiePumpkin Pie Bites

These little morsels of deliciousness were my favorite, but I’m also in a pumpkin-y mood lately. A perfectly baked mini crust with perfectly seasoned pumpkin pie filling and a dollop of whipped “cream” on top made this a borderline-sinful treat. I decimated these in less than 48 hours. I’m not proud of myself, but MAN – they are swear-out-loud amazing.





Chocolate Cupcakes with Tahitian Vanilla Bean IcingVegan Chocolate Cupcakes

Wow. Another dozen of these – gone in hours. What you may think as a simple chocolate with vanilla cupcake is not as simple as it appears. Made with real (yes, REAL) vanilla beans, the silky smooth texture and true vanilla flavor of the icing with the rich chocolate cupcake makes this a perfect dessert for everything.




Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes


Tahitian Vanilla Bean

If you need to get your vanilla fix, these are the way to go. Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing – again, both made with real vanilla beans. And these little dudes are FAR from plain ole vanilla. It’s no exaggeration when I say I ate 5 within 10 minutes. And the only reason I ate them that slowly is because I was watching TV while chewing (and I can’t do 2 things at once – no joke).





Chocolate Peanut ButterVegan Chocolate Peanut Butter

Oh holy moly… these are the desserts that make me swoon. If I am not eating one, I am constantly thinking about Kind Confections’ Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes. Not only do you have the deliciousness of the chocolate cupcake I previously mentioned, but you get Peanut Butter Icing!!! And the minute you take a bite, you get the surprise of rich, creamy peanut butter inside the chocolate cupcake. My mouth is quite literally watering – no, let’s just call this drooling – over writing this description.






Vegan Carrot CakeCarrot Cake

I’ll be honest, I am not a carrot cake fan. My husband is the carrot cake lover in the house. Funnily enough, I LOVED each one of these morsels. Perfectly spiced with no holds barred, this dessert is deliciously decadent. I ate these so fast, I barely remember doing it. I’m a serial cupcake eater – I need help.






Now typically, I’m a traditionalist. I like my chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter, and more chocolate. Occasionally, I branch out and make a lemon tart, or an apple pie (vegan, of course), but I prefer to stick with the classics. Never having had any of Kind Confections fruit inspired cupcakes, I was curious to give it a go.




Pina ColadaVegan Pina Colada

I’ll be upfront – I HATE coconut (and bananas, oatmeal, and raisins). But I enjoyed the Pina Colada cupcakes. I tried a bite of one since I was extremely hesitant, but the coconut is not overpowering and the cupcake is beautifully sweetened by pineapples. Yum! Also, since I obliterated the chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, and the pumpkin pies, I gave these to my hubby.




Orange DreamOrange Dream

I do love oranges. I love the smell, I love the fruit, I love the zest, I love the color. These cupcakes did not let me down!!! Sweet, but not too sweet, and orangey without being too fruity for a dessert. These make a nice, light change from a traditional orange-flavored dessert.





Strawberries N CreamVegan Strawberries N Cream

These cupcakes tasted EXACTLY like strawberries and cream, but in cupcake form. Sara’s famous creamy vegan icing works perfectly with a strawberry cupcake (yes, made with real strawberries) to make a luscious treat. You’ll be in paradise after eating these. All you need is a pool boy (or pool girl) fanning you in a cabana.





Vegan Strawberry DaiquiriStrawberry Daiquiri

These were my favorite of the fruity cupcakes. What takes them over the top is the strawberry icing on top of the strawberry cupcake. It’s a strawberry double-whammy and you won’t want to stop eating them! These little bites are so delicious and so decadent, I nearly forgot to share them with my husband!






Lastly, I got 3 types of cookie dough bites! Traditional, Gluten-Free, and Mint Chocolate. Again, these are all gone too because it saves me from having to make cookie dough in our house! These made a great stress snack while we watched The Walking Dead premiere.  The best part about each and every one of these desserts is they are all VEGAN! Yes, you read that right. True deliciousness can be vegan. Another great part of Kind Confections is how small each dessert is. That way, if you go crazy and 2, 3, or 12 in one sitting, it’s not nearly as awful as eating 12 regular sized cupcakes in one sitting.


Vegan Cookie Dough


Author’s Note: I’m not advocating you eat 12 of any type of dessert in one sitting. It’s probably not good for you, but hey – if you do it, I’m sure as hell not going to judge you.



Product Feature: Sweet Mint Lip Scrub

By Megan Vick


Today, we’re featuring our beloved Sweet Mint Lip Scrub. Now, this little jar of joy doesn’t get a lot of attention at festivals, or at The South Durham Farmers Market, but when our customers find it, it’s like finding a long-lost love.


Organic Vegan Sugar Lip Scrub



Packaged in an adorable little jar (perfect for cars, purses, gym bags, desks – anywhere really), this lip scrub makes exfoliating your lips fun. Using 100% organic, vegan, and fairly traded sugar, all you have to do is take a little pinch of it, massage it onto and into  your lips, and lick off the sugar! It’s that easy! We also use organic peppermint and spearmint essential oils to give you a little kick in your kisser. After you’ve licked that excess sugar, your lips will be silky soft. For an even better result, follow up with any of our delightful lip balms!




The lip scrub will also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines on and around the lips. No, it won’t get rid of those pesky wrinkles or laugh lines, but it will help to freshen your lips, giving them a plump, juicy, and kissable pucker. It’s recommended that you incorporate lip exfoliation at least once per week, but you can certainly do it daily! Now, go over to our website and pick up some Sweet Mint Lip Scrub!



Namaste y’all!

Festival Recap 2013

By Megan Vick


We don’t often do festivals each year because of the time and labor involved with driving to a location, setting up/breaking down, and being there all day. Not to mention, there’s hardly ever any vegan food….  This year, we had 2 back-to-back Saturdays of events. On October 12, we participated in the Scuppernong River Festival in Columbia, NC. On October 19, we participated in the 2nd Annual Outer Banks Seafood Festival. We had a great time at both events!


Scuppernong River Festival

Growing up so close to Columbia, and since my husband is from this tiny town, I am quite familiar with RiverFest (as I call it). It’s a great street fair in honor of the fall farming harvest and there is also a morning parade which celebrates the local kids and their efforts in marching band, football, and other organizations. The Homecoming Court from Columbia High even gets to ride in the parade! We had a great time meeting other vendors and met some great new customers who are sure to be lifelong fans! We debuted our Orange Lemongrass and Patchouli Pine deodorants, as well as 4 new scents for candles and wax melts: Berries & Citrus, Lavender Lemon, Oakmoss, and Tulip.  Despite the cloudy and cool weather, everything was a smashing success.


Outer Banks Seafood Festival

On October 19, we participated in the massive Outer Banks Seafood Festival. Unfortunately, because of the traffic pattern for guests, many people missed the vendor tents, but we had a great time regardless! The weather held out for us and didn’t rain during the festival, making it a lovely, cool day for everyone involved. The OBXSF featured several restaurants from up and down the beach offering tastes of their culinary masterpieces. We had a particularly lovely day because our good friend, Sara, from Kind Confections Vegan Bakery popped in and delivered a massive box (no joke- this sucker was huge) full of her handcrafted vegan desserts (more about that later…). It was a great day seeing some of our regular customers and getting to meet many more new customers!


Thanks for all of your continued support! Until next time, pop over to our website or Etsy store to pick up your favorites!



Product Feature Friday: Lavender Lemongrass Deodorant

By Megan Vick


On this glorious Friday, I want to introduce you to our Lavender Lemongrass Deodorant.


Natural, vegan deodorant

As one of our original products, Lavender Lemongrass Deodorant has consistently been a top seller with TONS of repeat buyers. We have Duke University professors, yoga instructors, farmers, college students, laid-back moms, and high-maintenance fashionistas who swear by this deodorant. With many studies over the years linking harmful chemicals found in deodorant to auto-immune diseases, cancer, and neurological issues, many folks are simply unwilling to use traditional deodorants these days (I’m one of them!).


This easy-to-apply stick deodorant is creamy, long-lasting, and uses organic cocoa butter and organic essential oils as an odor-deterrent. We package our deodorants in traditional tubes to make it easy to throw in your purse, gym bag, or suitcase when you travel. If you have questions, or feel hesitant about trying our organic deodorant, check out The Truth About Natural Deodorant.


You can also check out our Patchouli Pine Deodorant, Orange Lemongrass Deodorant, and Eucalyptus Tea Tree Deodorant.



New Products: Orange Lemongrass and Patchouli Pine Deodorants

By Megan Vick



Over the weekend, we debuted 2 new deodorants: Orange Lemongrass and Patchouli Pine. These 2 beautifully scented deodorants were a fast favorite with both new and returning customers. The Orange Lemongrass gives you a great citrus zing while the Patchouli Pine has a definitive and earthy aroma reminiscent of a forest. We know you’ll love these as much as we do! As always, our deodorants are aluminum-free, made with organic ingredients, and Verified Vegan by Vegan Action!


You’ll be able to find them on our website very soon, but if you’d like to purchase either (or both!), feel free to email!



Product Feature Friday: Orange Spice Soap

By Megan Vick

With the Fall season in full swing and warm, spicy scents are in everything from pies to coffee to pasta. You can add to the festivities by using Orange Spice soap in your daily routine! Made with a blend of essential oils – including the autumnal favorite, Clove – Orange Spice soap is sure to put a spring in your step each time you shower.


Made with organic Shea butter and other wonderfully nourishing organic oils, our Orange Spice soap is one of the most decadent scents we offer. It’s warm, cozy, and comforting, perfect for this time of year! This makes a great soap for guys and gals alike and you can seal the deal by following up with our Orange Spice roll-on fragrance as part of your grooming routine. As always, our soap is Palm Oil free, so you can feel comfortable knowing no Orangutans were harmed in the creation of our soap.


Organic, Vegan, Palm Free Soap


Living in a Labeled World

By Megan Vick


Today, everything has a label. Everything, people included, is becoming so specific about what something is and what it isn’t, that we are running the risk of not being able to truly enjoy anything.


Humans, by nature, seem to be contradictory creatures when it comes to labels. If you say one thing and do another, that’s okay. We’re not here to judge you. Just remember to always be yourself and do what you feel is right. Societal expectations almost demand to fit into a category, so we keep coming up with categories as if these will somehow define ourselves and our neighbors.


Quit worrying about if “fit” the category of vegan/locavore/anti-GMO/fashion-savvy/healthy/out & proud – whatever. You are who you are and there is a place for everyone in this world.